Development Services

Commercial Retail

Delivering free-standing stores or an integrated group of retail establishments planned, developed, and managed as a unit. We choose our development opportunities carefully, utilizing the expertise of our partners and associates. Our retail developments play a vital role in the success of a vibrant, cohesive community. JDC has built a system that identifies these spaces for development and executes complex plans to ignite cutting-edge growth in the community. The system that we’ve created is secure and bulletproof.
JDC’s directive for projects lies within the voices of our community, and our team is wildly dedicated to turning these ideas, dreams, and plans into reality. We look at the future with purpose and intent, keeping the surrounding neighborhoods at the forefront of our plans. Together, we can make a better today and build an even greater future.


508 East North Street

508 E. North Street, Greenville, SC 29601

Complete renovation of a two-story 5,700 sf commercial office building in Downtown Greenville with surface parking and green space.

Innovative design utilizing high-quality building materials to create a comfortable office environment.

Located on a major “GATEWAY” corridor entering Downtown Greenville near Bon Secours Wellness Center.

Interior will incorporate the latest technology to provide a creative and efficient millennial workspace.

25 space onsite parking lot / green space addressing the lack of parking in the community.

This project is the genesis of revitalizing the neighboring business community.